Bamboo Flute Is Instrumen Music Original Indonesian


Suling in English = Flute
Flutes is a musical instrument that the inflatable made of wood. sounds flute characterized by soft and can be combined with other musical instruments. Flute to the experts generally made of silver and gold or a mixture of both. While the flutes for students generally made from nickel-silver, or silver-coated metal.

Flute or bamboo flute a typical musical instrument of Indonesia. In the development of this instrument is absolutely famous thanks to the promotion stage to stage through dangdut music. According to his history, 14 centuries old (been there since Hindu era, before the year 600 BC, according to temple reliefs in Java), original Indonesia, more distinctive voice, can made themselves with easy, friendly environment, availability of  raw  from nature ( bamboo trees) are abundant,
The uniqueness of bamboo flute music namely :
  • Voice and 'aura sounds' typical,
  • Can in-orchestration with a few tens, hundreds or thousands of players and very unique because of an orchestra that is not played with Western instruments, but played with instruments that are dominated by bamboo flute,
  • Bamboo flutes sound, can shimmy-shimmy with the crooked and the colors are very distinctive sound and natural.
Look, sound relaxing of Bamboo Flute with lyre.