The Puppet


Indonesia is a country that has a variety of cultures, one of which is a puppet. Puppet is the creation of the influence of Hindu culture in Indonesia.Puppet in Indonesia has many kinds of Puppet, and have a puppet figures and story  in accordance with the influence of Hindu cultural influences of that era. and always accompanied by Music "Gamelan".

Puppet is the Indonesian traditional arts are mainly developed in Java and Bali. Puppet show has been recognized by UNESCO on November 7, 2003, as an amazing work culture in the field of narrative story and legacy of the beautiful and very valuable (Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).

Puppet known since prehistoric times which is about 1500 years before Christ. Indonesian people embrace animistic belief in the form of ancestor worship of spirits called or dahyang hyang, manifested in the form of statues or pictures

Puppet play is the story which is the depiction of nature and human character in the World. Because the depictions (stories) that reflect the nature - human nature and character of the typical. Yet it was all a false (shadow), not the actual or real events.

Understanding Puppet
  •  Viewed from the standpoint of terminology there are several opinions about the origin of the word puppet.
  1. Java Language (Java, Indonesia) : The word Puppet means Puppet.
  2. In Indonesian Dictionary : The shadows, vaguely, unclear, who played Mr. Puppeteer is an image carved from animal skin, symbolizing nature-human nature.
  3. Aceh Language and Bugis Language (Aceh and Bugis, Indonesia) : Puppet means shadow
  4. According to Prof. Kern: shadows, dimly lit. Puppet of the origin of the word WOD and Yang. Roughly it means that repetitive movements, not fixed. It can be concluded that the puppet  meaning shadow that rocked, back and forth (repeatedly) or pacing is not fixed into place.
  5. In Dictionary of Sundanese puppet is mentioned that the human-shaped dolls made from leather or wood, and more stressed again the same understanding of puppet like games doll.
  • In a broad sense meaning of drawings may contain puppets, puppets made of human imitation leather, cardboard, zinc, perhaps the glass-fiber (fiber-glass), or other Dwimatra material, and the wood flat and three-dimensional spherical piston.