The Kancil Puppet (Wayang Kulit Kancil)


The Kancil Puppet
The Kancil puppet  is a one  the many kinds of art performances of popular shadow play in Java. This puppet takes its name from the main character in it, Kancil. The Kancil Puppet first created by Sunan Giri, one of the nine guardians in the 15th century to spread Islam in Java.

In 1925, a Chinese offspring named Bo Liem, tried to popularize back puppet Kancil. Whose story is taken from the Book of Fiber Kancil Kridamartana Raden Panji Natarata. But the puppet is still not too popular like puppet Purwa. So in subsequent centuries puppet Kancil lost its popularity.

But at the years 70's, Ki Ledjar Soebroto, a puppet artist, tries to make figures of animals. And in 1980, Ki Ledjar puppet play for the first time for the public, especially children. That first year puppet Kancil find its audience again. Even in its development, many teachers in England, Germany, America, Holland, without exception, in Indonesia, which adopted it as an educational learning media for children.

In 2003, Ki Ledjar Soebroto set up a  art galleries of Kancil puppet, namely as an institution / association / non-profit organizations engaged in conservation efforts, development of good Kancil puppet art as a form of entertainment as well as in its function as a creative educational media for children children. That have a Vision, Mission, and Goals as follows :
  • VISION Kancil puppet art can be an educational entertainment media, creative and popular for young people in particular children everywhere are good for  public interests as well as in matters concerning the environment.
  • MISSION To encourage young people especially children to do of art puppet Kancil appreciation  as one of the world humanities.
  • PURPOSE encourage young people especially children to :
    1. Has a great interest in the art of puppet Kancil,
    2. To do of exploration of the variety and value that exist in the art of puppet Kancil,
    3. Express ideas, ideas, creativity, interest in art through puppet Kancil.