(Puppeteer on of puppet show. - Puppeteer on shadow puppets)
There is some understanding of Puppeteer, among others :
  • Puppeteer in the puppet world is defined as someone who has special expertise play puppets. 
  • Puppeteer is a mean word comes from the word Dahyang, which means the interpreter healing various diseases. 
  • Puppeteer in "Jarwo dhosok" is also defined as "ngudal piwulang" (revealed knowledge), to give enlightenment to the audience.
  • Puppeteer is a director, scriptwriter, a narrator, a character player, composer accompaniment, a "singer", stylists performances, dancers and others.
Puppeteer in the broadest sense is someone who has the dual capability, and also a manager, a leader in the show for its members (singer and pengrawit).

These skills are usually obtained from the talent down - generations of ancestors. A child Puppeteer will be able to mastermind without formal learning. He will follow his father, at the same time of the mastermind with bringing equipment, sets the stage, set up puppet (nyimping), became pengrawit, or sit behind his father to help prepare the puppet to be played. During follow his father "the mastermind" in a long time-from small to teens-this learning process that happens very naturally, ad will be able to be mastermind after big later. But many a child too would not be a puppeteer in days to come, because they have their own life choices, for example, by profession a civil servant, private, military and so forth.