The Dupara Puppet (Wayang Dupara)


The Dupara Puppet
Many people who do not know the whereabouts Puppet Dupara. That's because the puppet was less in the publication in the community.Therefore, many people who do not know about Dupara puppets compared with Puppet Purwa  a more commonly known by the public, according to a prepared sahibulhikayat S. Haryanto in Pratiwimba Adhiluhung (1988), was created specifically to tell the saga since Javanese kingdoms of Majapahit, Demak, Display, Mataram, until Kartasura. Who create, is RM Danuatmadja, a nobleman of Surakarta.

The form  of Puppet Dupara is simple, inlay and sunggingan simple. His clothes were "Ndupara" aka strange, because even if that is told is the chronicle of Mataram, but the clothes that are used most still refer to prototype and Gedog puppet. For example: the figure of Sultan Agung, Sultan Hadiwijaya and other kings, still wearing the crown, and some even wear Praba. However, all the characters wear the same subordinates, like the puppet Gedhog jangkahan Daeng, but batik and bearing the dagger. For the Dutch figures, wearing military-style outfit complete Europe, with a face like a Giant or Dasamuka. There are even some leaders who, though dressed in the Netherlands, but crowned a la Dasamuka. Sunan figures wear long dresses, the prince wearing skull cap, similar portrayed Queen of South Heroine crowned, while the knights wore a wide headband a way, also wearing Irah irahan Tekes like puppet Gedhog and Klitik, but dressed.

Puppet Dupara is staged to the accompaniment of gamelan tunings pelog. But the puppets is not sustainable, because the trigger time of the fight erupted, and after the death of X Pakubuwana gradually puppets life increasingly fading, over time the kingdom of Surakarta which continues to retreat. Puppet-puppet is now stored in museums Radyapustaka, and now in the process of identification and disclosure of return.