The Madya Puppet (Wayang Kulit Madya)


Puppets Madya
The Puppets Madya is created by K.G.P.A.A. Mangkunegara IV in Surakarta in the year 1870 - 1873 AD, because he was interested in the contents of library books written by R. King Associate Ng. Ranggawarsita. Mangku-state IV wished to create a new character to bring the contents of the story and after so, called Puppet Madya. With the advent of puppets Madya that then there is liaison between the puppets Purwa  with puppets Gedog (using a cloth Rapekan and using Keris), after it began to associate puppet performed, from Parikesit Grogol until the death of King Daneswara in Mendang Ka-mulyan. Thus there is a chain to link the myth of the kings of Java with the heroes in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Next Mangkunegara IV in 1880 to row story Madya, in the form puppets Balungan and accompanied Gending  for accompaniment. The story include: Babad Mamenang, Pelem Ciptarasa, Narayana Wahya, Kijing Nirmala, Haji Darma, Mayangkara, Singawulung, Merusupadma, Kitiran Mancawarna, Narasingamurti and etc.

After the government Paku Buwana X (1893-1939) held several changes in the Puppet Madya. Striking changes include character panakawan originally paired as: Jumput and Cleput, Bados and Badagos, Capa and Capi, Dudul and Dulit, Cabaya and Satuna, all  rightist panakawan. So since Paku Buwana X, panakawan referred to above was replaced with Puppet panakawan Purwa namely: Semar, Gareng and Petruk.
While the left panakawan originally named Wrekangsa and Wrekasa, replaced with Togog and Bilung. Similarly with accompaniment gamelan pelog replaced with Geding-geding puppets Purwa who played in the barrel pelog like gising Karawitan, Titipati, Kedhaton Bentar, which barreled Gandakusuma pelog.