Rebab Traditional Musical Instruments Indonesia


Rebab is a musical instrument that uses a bow, and have three or two pieces of rope from the metal wire (copper), the body with use jack fruit wood and hollow, on the inside covered with dried cow skin as speakers. This tool is also used as an accompaniment of gamelan, as a complement to accompany sinden sing along with the harp. In Javanese gamelan, Rebab function not only as a supplement to accompany the singing sindhen but rather serves to guide the direction of the sindhen song.
As one of the prominent instrument, Rebab are recognized as leaders in songs the ensemble, especially in the style of wasp softly. In most gendhing-gendhing, Rebab plays the opening song gendhing, determine gendhing, barrel, and pathet to be played. Rebab tone region covers a total area  any gendhing. So groove Rebab song provide a clear guide groove street gendhing song. In most gendhing, Rebab also   gave guidance musical for the ensemble to switch from one section to another section.