Beber Puppet (Wayang Beber)


Show Of  Beber Puppet  at the year 1900

Beber Puppets a arts traditional performing  that can be categorized as less popular and the public are very limited. In general, puppet beber including types of traditional performing arts are phenomenal. First, the type of puppet, including cultural heritage that has old age, because of this is cultural heritage  a relic of the Majapahit Kingdom. Second, the type of puppet is only found in mountainous areas of central and southern part of Java, especially in Gunungkidul (DI Yogyakarta) and Pacitan (East Java).

A similar fate experienced by arts dhalang Jemblung (Banyumas, Central Java) and Kentrung (Blora, Central Java). This rare performance art rarely staged and less popular. Practitioners of the art is capable of playing or his performances very limited, the public who of his appreciation it is also relatively limited.

Condition puppet beber, kentrung and dhalang jemblung, is in stark contrast when compared to other traditional arts such as  Purwa puppet, Ketoprak, and Ludruk. During this time, Beber puppet only in review of literature reviewed of puppet. One is, the work of Javanese culture RM Sayid from Surakarta, a slim book published in the 1980s and only prints of stencil .

At Karangmojo, Gunungkidul and in Pacitan East Java, Beber puppet existence is still considered hieratic objects. When would start, a series of ceremonies should be held, with all offerings and ubarampe. In order to keep its preservation, all the kind of puppet had to be 'cleaned' and treated with accompanying ceremonial according to tradition. Unfortunately, This today many people are not interested in it again demonstrates this puppets. Though,  types of these puppets including the cultural heirloom and including the hieratic.

Unlike the Purwa puppet whose story comes from the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana,  Beber puppet only unfurl Panji stories . Therefore, sometimes this type is also called puppet  beber gedhog. That kind of puppet that the story originated from the Panji stories, and be in the form of, puppet show (Wayang Golek), puppet from leather and wooden puppets.

In Javanese literature, Panji stories including the type of stories that were born and flourished in the era of  Javanese literature, namely Javanese literary works created during the Majapahit era. Type this story not only in Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok, but also until the Malay region (Palembang, Jambi and Riau), even to the Malay Peninsula (Malaysia).

Show Of  Beber Puppet  at the Modern era
HISTORY birth of puppet Beber  can not be separated from the presence of the kingdom of Majapahit. It's  type was first recognized at the time of Majapahit, precisely when the kingdom on Majapahit  has been led by Raden Jaka Trowulan Susuruh. The title is King Bratana . This is indicated by  candrasengkala a puppet-making Beber at the time, namely gunaning bhujangga sembahing gods, which indicates the year of Saka 1283 (1361 AD).

At the time, puppet beber taking the story of  puppet Purwa. Form of puppet beber purwa has been like  found this time, namely painted on paper. When his performances, held describe of puppet at paper (Java: dibeber), and when finished rolled back for storage.

At the time of Majapahit, beber puppet purwa within the palace has used gamelan accompaniment. While puppet beber outside the palace, precisely in the neighborhood ordinary people, only the accompaniment of Rebab (stringed instrument of Javanese). In the neighborhood Kraton, wayang beber held within the framework of special events, such as the king's birthday, marriage sons and daughters of kings and so forth. While in the midst of common people, performances of puppet beber of that held for tradition ceremonies purposes, such as Ruwatan.

When the King of Majapahit in command Prabu Brawijaya, precisely in 1378, the form of wayang beber experienced improvement. Brawijaya, including the king who has great attention to puppet  beber. He ordered one of her children who have the ability to paint, namely Raden Sungging Prabangkara, to improve the appearance of wayang beber. Painting puppet which was originally only black and white, by Sungging Prabangkara made into color, so the appearance of puppet beber become more lively and interesting. Process perfecting of the Puppet  beber  this  occurred in 1378 AD.

Puppet beber who took the Panji stories new appear on the  estimated time of Mataram (Islam), precisely in the reign of Kasunanan Kartasura. At that time the king who ruled the Amangkurat II (1677-1703). It was also mentioned in one song Kinanthi  that is on Fibre Centhini.

Puppet beber in Mataram era Kartasura made from of the local paper, the paper Java from Ponorogo. The story,  among others, Jake Kembang Kuning, one of  episode Panji stories. Later in the reign of Amangkurat III or Sunan Mas, done perfecting again to painting puppet  beber. His face and clothes worn major characters, such as Panji Asmarabangun and Goddess Candrakirana, adapted to the appearance of Arjuna and a beautiful female figure as the puppet figures purwa.

Next, on the era of government Sunan Pakubuwono II painting wayang beber changed again, especially on the illustration figure behind the appearance. Illustrations are reduced and simplified, so the appearance of wayang beber be more classic and uncomplicated. The character of became visible prominently. love story Panji Asmarabangun , by Pakubuwono II made into a story Remeng Mangunjaya.