That's A Wrap

>Here's an inexpensive, quick and easy way to wrap small gifts. I've been doing this for years because it's done with materials I almost always have on hand. All you need is newspaper, a paper lunch sack, twine and a stapler.Send the newspaper through the paper shredder to get your sack filler.Place the gift inside. Fold the top of the sack, accordion style, about have way down and then staple the middle. Pull the two ends together and staple.Cut several lengths of twine and thread them through the small opening in the fold. Wrap the twine around the sack and tie. That's it! You have an inexpensive, cute gift wrap idea that's very versatile. To make it fancy, you can use a white paper sack that's been embellished with stamps or scrapbook decorations, and then tie it with colored raffia or pretty satin ribbon.