Dance Drama Gambuh in Puppet Gambuh


Puppet gambuh is one type of rare Balinese puppets, basically a show in a shadow play, on malat stories, like a stories puppet panji  that exist in Java.

Why it is called puppets gambuh?

Puppet gambuh comes from two words namely puppets and gambuh. Gambuh is one of a kind art dance drama of Bali is considered the highest quality and is a classical dance drama of Bali's most rich in dance movements that are considered as the source of all types of classical dance of Bali. Which is estimated there are about to XV century that his play is based on the Panji stories. Gambuh form of total theater because in it there is interwoven elements of singing, drama & dance, visual arts, literary arts, and others. Usually the shown in the ceremonies Yadnya Gods such as Odalan ,ceremonies Manusa Yadnya  such as  marriage noble family, the ceremony Yadnya Pitra (Ngaben) and others. Accompanied by gamelan Penggambuhan who barreled pelog Saih Pitu, consisting of :
  • 2-6 pieces of bamboo flute long 1 meter and wearing six-hole tone
  • 1-2 pieces Rebab
  • 1 pieces Kempur
  • 2 pieces small Kendang (male female)
  • 1 set Ricik
  • 1 pair Kangsi
  • 1 pieces Gentorag

The characters are usually displayed is, Condong, Kakan-kakan, Princess, Arya / Kadean-kadean, Panji (Patih Sweet), Prabangsa (Patih Loud), Demang, Tumenggung, Turas, Panasar and Prabu (King). In playing these of figures all the dancers in dialogue, generally Kawi language, except for figures Turas, and Condong speaking Panasar Bali, both fine, medium and coarse. Gambuh are still active until now found in village, Batuan (Gianyar), Padang Aji and Budakeling (Karangasem), Tumbak Bayuh (Badung), Pedungan (Denpasar), Apit Yeh (Tabanan), Anturan dan Naga Sepeha (Buleleng).

Then it can be concluded, arts puppets gambuh is a performing  arts gambuh dance drama that uses shadow puppets as its media, and a figures a shown  taken from the figures  the dance drama gambuh as well as gamelan accompaniment and shape public utterances.