Change Is Good


Last year I bought this darling birdhouse---at a real store, not the thrift store.
Yes, I occasionally do that.

It looked wonderful on my mantle decorated like this:When the holidays came, I put it into my "inventory room" (hubby's term for our messy storage room).
I recently pulled it out of storage and once again placed it on my mantle. It's the same birdhouse, I didn't alter it a bit, but I did alter how I decorated around it.
Do you change the way you decorate or does everything stay the same? If you're a "stay the same" decorator, why not pick one little area of your home to change up this weekend. I'm not telling you to go out and buy a bunch of things. No, not at all. Everything on my mantle was pulled from what I already had.
Come on, try it!
Take things from one room and put them in another. Pull together a whole new vignette using your same old stuff in a new way.
It's fun! It's challenging! It's rewarding!
Change is good
for you and your home!