Gamelan Musical Instruments


Gamelan is a musical instrument of the most popular and admired by the international community. According to what I read from various sources Gamelan divided into three types: Javanese Gamelan, Gamelan  Balinese and Gamelan Sundanese. And Each type developed in its own region.

In general, Gamelan music is often used as accompaniment the traditional arts of shadow play, puppet people and various rituals in traditional Javanese. Gamelan is also used in the ritual of "wedding ceremony", a ritual to bring together both the bride and groom. In Bali, Balinese gamelan is used in a variety of Balinese ritual ceremonies such as "Cut Teeth", a ceremony that marks a child has entered adolescence. But in its development, use of Gamelan the more widespread  in various arts, in Indonesia. Gamelan is often combined with poetry and dance. In Javanese mythology, had said the gamelan was created by gods in disguise to be human, Shivam Malholtra at Saka era 167. His kingdom stand on mountains Maendra, which is now known as Mount Lwu. At that time, he requires a signal to get in touch with the other gods, then made Gong. For a more complex signaling message, then, he needs two other gongs are namely kempul and siyem, which he later formed the gamelan. The word "gamelan" comes from the word "gamel" which means hitting. Then defined as a group of Gamelan music instrument that is played in an integrated way within a group.

Most musical instruments played by Gamelan group namely with beated. Some of the tools in the gamelan music that is not beated are the flute,  Sitar, Celempung and Rebab. Flute play it with blown way while Rebab and Cemplung play it with means of excerption. Gamelan consists of many musical instruments, such as, kempul, Gong, Siyem, Bonang, Flute, Kempyang, kethuk, Kenong, Sarong, Slenthem, zither, kendhang, Rebab, Gender, Gambang. There are two systems of tuning for Gamelan are Selendro and pelog. A music instrument in the group generally have 2 pieces of music so that one tool in the tuning Selendro and the other  Based on pelog.

In traditional belief, the gamelan is considered sacred and believed to have supernatural powers. Each instrument that is part gamelan is believed to have spirits, then each gamelan musicians must play barefoot because it will disturb the spirit. things strictly prohibited is stepping Gamelan music instrument. In Javanese beliefs, Gong Ageng believed to be the center of the spirit of the gamelan.

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