Lights from Banana Tree Fiber

>Indonesia Handicraft, lamp from Banana Tree FiberBy so no one believes if lamp colorful with a charming model that made from banana fiber. But that's. Piasco work, titled young engineers dropout is a German university,
lights are not ordinary. But lights from the paper. Uniquely, He made his own paper from banana fiber abaka imported from East Java. "Actually, if we want and creative, What can bring in money, " minus glasses sliding this man who can make it as business since four years ago.

Of this effort has Piasco able to employ 12 people employees with a monthly salary. And results production has been able to export to United States, Japan and several European countries. "These lights actually not just for outside markets (exports), but also suitable for market in the country. Yet somehow biggest buyers so far are still from the outside. Especially from Japan, " I graduate this machine technique.

Piasco suspect this is because his work is still considered too expensive for the local market size. "And I distinguish price and taste quite affordable for the local market. " While Japan, Piasco said, liked his work because the light design similar decorative lights thatcommonly used or used by people there. Only paper Piasco used thicker and much cheaper price.

Unique Design

Indonesia Handicraft ornamen lamp from tree fiberDecorative lamp made Piasco design is quite unique. Unlike the decorative lights that had been generally there. No wonder the viewer will chuckled admiringly. For example there are lights handbag resembling a complete with the handle. There is also a similar to the piece of fruit watermelon. Jenisnyapun vary. There's room light (sleep), light lobby
and light paste. All the lights were must use paper materials abaka banana fibers.

Piasco story, originally banana fiber the time trend a few years then it is processed into the machine until into paper. After that paper The resulting formed according with the desired model. Remarkably, a paper making machine used Piasco own creation. Do not think paper is made easily torn as tissue paper or newspaper. Because paper produced very strong and anti-tear. A typical fiber with a paper form Uneven spots add power
hornet these lights. "Origin is not taxable water, these lights will last tens of years, "said the husband of Agus Puji Astuti seriously.

Indonesia handicraft, light from tree fiber from variuos region indonesiaOld-making depends on a large little light. Large can spent 3 days. While size was 2 days and the 1 day rather small. Price range Piasco lights between USD 20 to USD 80. But if there is order in the amount of much the price will be adjusted again. With the price for the size of the Japan is very cheap. Especially when compared with the price of ornamental lamps in the country.

"But unfortunately I can not directly related to the buyer of out. What we have now is people who took to me and then they send out, "complained Piasco Nevertheless, he was pleased due diligence items that dibikinnya can be used by people foreign. It was said, showed if the lights homemade have quality. Piasco always hoping and praying that the business lived it will be more forward again. "Thus, labor will more absorbed and
reduce the unemployment rate, " added.