Plant It

>Last week I found two topiary wannabes at the thrift store. I knew that with just a little work I could help them reach their full potential as topiaries. I pulled out my stash of moss and dry foam (also purchased at the thrift store) and two pots, one from the thrift store and one from a plant I had managed to kill. I cut the dry foam to fit inside each pot, stacking one piece on top of another until the foam was just higher than the lip of the pot. I lightly pressed the foam on top of the pot to have a pattern to follow for cutting. Then I shaped the edge of the foam. I like it to look like it's mounding over the pot instead of sunken inside. I used hot glue to secure the foam into the pot and the topiary into the foam. Then, being careful not to burn my fingers, I planted moss on top of the foam. One pot was planted with the store bought moss, the other with moss that I took out of my yard and let dry for a few days.I'm thrilled with my new topiaries, especially since the total cost was less than five dollars.
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