The Parwa Puppet (Wayang Parwa)


Parwa Puppet is one of the most popular leather puppets in Bali. sourced from the Mahabharata epic story which is also known as Dasa Parwa Astha. Parwa Puppet staged at night, using kelir and lamp blencong, accompanied by Gamelan Gender Puppet. Parwa Puppet staged in conjunction with various types of religious ceremonies and even in the showing an entertainment that is secular. Puppet Parwa can also take the story of Bharata Yudha or other parts of the Mahabharata story. Therefore, the number of Parwa puppet is the most widely.

Among the stories which are commonly used in the puppet parwa show is the stories of  Bharatayudha war, is a story about the death of Bhishma, Drona The death, death of Abhimanyu, death of Karna, and the death of death of Salya Jayadratha.

While The stories famous before Bharatayudha example Contests Goddess Amba, Pandavas Kauravas Aguru, Pandavas Kauravas Gambling, Contests Drupadi, Birth Gatotkaca, Aswameda Yadnya, Kishna Duta and Death of Supala.

Puppet Parwa usually backed by about 7 people consisting of 1 a puppeteer, 2 assistant puppeteer and   4  gender people (who play a pair and a pair pemade kantilan). duration is longer than the weak Puppet ie ranging from 3 to 4 hours.

In the development of  puppets now have evolved from a tradition even shift into new creations.Puppet Nardayana or known as Wayang Cenk Blonk Belayu, is one of the innovative puppet performances of the most anticipated in the land of Bali over the last decade that adopting such a shift that. Some forms, such as bale Bali, trees, animals and even rocks did not escape the creations of the puppeteer. Similarly, the addition of puppet characters Cenk and Blonk  introduce characters who often appear some time before the performance ended. Several stories have circulated that impressed even take the title at random or weird, like Diah Ratna Takeshi, Katundung Ngada, Suryawati Ilang, Sugar Cane or Lata Mahosadhi Sala.