The Sasak Puppet (Wayang Sasak)


The play in the puppet show is taken from Fiber Menak sasak authored by Yagadipura. The story about the odyssey Wong Jayengrono (Amir Hamza) in spreading Islam in the Middle East region, most mainland Europe, Asia, until Lahat in North Sumatra.

The  Sasak puppet brought  from Java by Raden Sangupati who come to Lombok in the XVI century as part of the Islamic proselytism at the time. 

Previously, in Lombok stricken drought as long as 7th year. Then sent out a royal courtier Pejanggi to Mount Rinjani to ask for rain. It turned out that in the mountain was the courtier met with R. Sangupati. Then in the meeting, an courtier, order to shows  puppet in the area Rambang, Selong. And tickets to watch are read two sentences Syahadat and to do wudhlu (The way convert to Islam).

Jayengrana  itself comes from the Medayin kingdom, led by the king named Prabu Nusirwan. This kingdom has two Patih named Betaljemur a good character and Patih Bestak who behave  evil. Unfortunately, precisely Nusirwan always follow the advice of  Bestak.

But thanks to the intelligence and courage Jayengrono, all traps are installed by Patih Bestak for Panglima dead on the battlefield. But otherwise, the victory won by Panglima. After Jayengrono conquer 44 countries, King Nusirwan took Jayengrana as a daughter. That glimpse of the history of  Sasak puppet.

Sasak puppet is divided into several scenes :
  • The scene 1 called Pengaksama (opener), the contents of apology to the audience if the mastermind and his retinue mendalang make mistakes,
  • Scene 2 is called tidings. In this scene, the puppeteer tells the story of the universe before there and there is only the Creator,
  • Scene 3, Speech. The mastermind tell stories that will at bring,
  • Scene IV called Lelampan (the road story),
  • Scene V, Bejanggeran (cover and conclusion).