The Suluh Puppet (Wayang Kulit Suluh)


The Suluh Puppet
In 1950 a new genre was used by the Ministry of Information to disseminate government information. Over time, this type of puppets show developed into public theater an developing in Central Java and East Java. But now the original torch puppet in Central Java just left in the Rembang area and Wonosobo. In Rembang, he said, first introduced Ki Salamu and Ki  Taryono Redi Joyo.

Puppet Suluh  made of buffalo or cow leather, while figures of shown in the facial features. This Puppets also depict men and women who wear modern clothes everyday, a character described in show puppet Suluh usually tells the events that occurred during the Indonesian nationalist movement, story of the struggle for independence, folklore until the household.

The characters also such as: Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Bung Tomo, Syahrir, and General Sudirman.