Instruments Music Pantings and Music Pantings South Kalimantan


Music Performances Pantings
At first,  music Panting comes from Tapin, South Kalimantan. Panting is a plucked musical instrument shaped like the Arab lute but the size is smaller. At a time,  music Pantings played only on an individual basis or in a solo. Because more advanced with the times, music Pantings will be more interesting if played with several other musical instruments, the music Pantings is now  played with musical instruments such as baboons, gongs, and the violin and his players also made up of several people. Name music Pantings comes from the name of the instrument itself, because at the music Pantings who a famous is his musical instrument and a very important role is Pantings, so the music was called of Pantings music. The person who first gave the name as a Pantings music  is A. Sarbaini. And to this day Pantings music known as traditional music from South Kalimantan.

In general, people who play musical Pantings is the Banjar society. The most well-known figures as Pantings player is A. Sarbaini. And there are also any groups of pantings music other. But now along with the development era of the group of  Pantings music became less and even rare be found.

Instruments Music Panting
 Instruments of musical Pantings consist of :
  • Pantings, an instrument shaped like a cork Arabic but smaller and has a string. Pantings is played with way plucked.
  • Babun, a musical instrument made from wood are round, there is a hole in the middle, and on the right and left covered with leather from goat skin. Babun played with way beated.
  • Gong, usually made of aluminum round and round in the middle there is a bump. Gong is played with way beaten.
  • Biola,  played with way swiped.
    Bamboo flute, played with way in blown .
  • Ketipak, similar shape with tarbang but smaller in size, and both sides coated with leather.
  • Tamburin, percussion instruments made of thin metal, and are usually Banjar society called of tamburin with guguncai name.
By way of Pantings presentation , including the type of ensemble  mix music. Because it consists of various types of musical instruments. In the show of Pantings musical, usually the number of Pantings as much as 3 pieces and added other musical instruments. Music Pantings called by the name japin if performances accompanied with dance. Music Pantings presented with songs that are Pantun rhyme. The  Pantun rhyme contains advice or advice, and limerick. The song is sung monotor, which means the music is sung without  reff. The Pantings music,  plays   music by way of sitting. The players of Pantings music wore in typical clothing Banjar. The boy wearing a cap as a headgear while women wear the veil.

Pantings music has the function as:
  • As entertainment, because his music and Pantun, that is sometimes humorous and can entertain the crowds. Therefore, of Pantings music is often used in weddings.
  • As a means of education, because in his rhyme Pantings music contains advice and tips.
  • As a music that has religious values, because the music-his music contains elements of religion.
  • To tighten the relationship between the members of the community.
  • As the art of traditional music from South Kalimantan.