A Regal Pair

>I've been trying to get some spring rearranging done. I love to rearrange things to help motivate me to clean and dust. The shelves in our office/computer room are in need of a new look, so I emptied everything out. I've never posted about these, so I thought this would be a great time to do it. We made two of these handsome bookshelves from old doors cut in half. They flank each side of the leather love seat and our huge map on the wall.We made them mirror images of each other, with the doorknobs facing opposite the love seat. They're topped with big, chunky molding that's meant for the exterior of a home. They're tall and lean and the details are reminiscent of a castle turret. I love how they give such presence to the room.
Now, I'm off to find some wonderful items around my house to fill them up.