Reog Ponorogo and Warok


Reog ponorogo is an art that comes from ponorogo region, eastern Java. existence only emerged in religious ceremony and a celebration day. ponorogo identical with reog. reog beginnings were historically created by ki ageng kertabumi ticks to satirize the king, the king majapahit. are afraid and are subject to the concubines. There are also connecting origin connected with the story banner, the marriage between the sons of the kingdom and the daughter of kendiri Jenggala. so finally reog become a traditional art that still survive until today in ponorogo. even been extended to foreign countries. 

reog development of this very day have also developed mainly in order to music and dance. kenong first example used only one thing but now wear two kenong. gamelan accompaniment even to survive. and thus named as reog style potrojayan style. 

Warok ponorogo can not escape from reog ponorogo because that makes reog ponorogo former is warok. what you guys know what it warok? warok is someone who has much knowledge of psychotherapy. and reog can not escape from warok. both are closely related to each other. and to become a warok very heavy because the conditions were very heavy. and a warok must be able to give benefits to anyone. 

Reog usual festival is always visited by foreign tourists. and that surprised a lot more to make a record for the recalled memories because it was memorable.  for people may see reog ponorogo usual but when the show actually begins nearly 80% reog ponorogo people streaming into the town square flock to see the annual event.