Basket To Go

>When my children were younger I would keep a packed picnic basket in my car during the summer months. It came in handy. With a basket packed at all times, I only needed to worry about fixing sandwiches and grabbing drinks and we were ready to have a picnic. Or we would pick up some food at the drive-thru and then stop at a near by park to make eating out a real occasion. Somewhere between the changing of cars, and the growing of children I got out of the habit. This summer I decided to get back into it.I pulled out a pretty little basket from my basket stash (doesn't everyone have a stash of baskets?).I filled it with the usual supplies: plates, bowls, cups, utensils, pretty napkins, and a tablecloth, all from the dollar store. I also threw in some baby wipes for cleaning hands, spills, etc. Even though my family is now older and a bit smaller in size, I still want to make some impromptu family picnic memories.
I've added a few more supplies to the basket. My hubby and I enjoy going on a weekly date, but with the economy we've had to cut back. We have found date nights to be really beneficial for our marriage.
I highly recommend it! Spending scheduled time alone together has strengthened our relationship. Our date nights have become a priority, even our kids expect us to go out every Friday. So we're not cutting back on our dates, just the amount of money we spend. Date nights don't have to cost a lot, they can be as simple as a dinner in the backyard while the kids are inside watching a movie. Now with the addition of candles, and a lighter in the basket, we can grab a chilled bottle of sparkling grape juice and we're ready to turn a five dollar sub into a romantic dinner for two.