Opps! There It Is!

>People pay me to help them decide on just the right color for their homes, so would it surprise you to know that I'm not one of those people who obsess over which is the perfect color to paint a room or piece of furniture. In fact, the only thing I do obsess over, when it comes to paint, are the "opps" paints. It drives my husband nuts that I cannot walk into a store that sells paint without checking out those discounted little beauties of mistints. Most stores sell a gallon of mistinted paint for five dollars. I've paid as little as one dollar and as much as ten dollars a gallon, depending on the brand. I almost always buy satin finishes because I like the warm shine of satin on the walls of my home. Occasionally I'll buy a semi-gloss because the finish gives furniture a nice shine and is easy to clean. I limit my color choices to neutrals, unless I have something specific in mind.
The wall in my dining room was a mistinted venetian plaster. I layered an opps glaze on top to give it warmth.
My kitchen cabinets were also painted with oops paint. I wanted a cream color and I knew that applying a poly on top would change the color a bit, so I choose not to be so particular about the exact color of cream.The kitchen wall color wasn't a mistint, but it was discounted because the paint store had a contractor decide he didn't want all of the paint that he'd originally ordered. Don't be afraid to ask the paint store employees about extra paint that they may have from cancelled orders. Sometimes these are the same colors that are being used in model homes.My family room walls are painted with two gallons of red oops paint that I mixed together. The paint on the entertainment center is also a mistint.The door coffee table is a happy oops---one of those colors that I would not have chosen unless it was super cheap, but I'm thrilled with the finished product.Remember when you learned to mix paint colors in grade school? You can do that with oops paints too! Just last month, I painted our guest room. I mixed two different colors of mistints until I got just the shade I was looking for. It's a gorgeous gray with a hint of green. I love the color so much, I wish I would have painted my master bedroom walls this color.The nice thing about oops paint is that you can paint a room for under ten dollars and if you don't like it, you haven't spent much more than you would on a fast food meal. I do reccomend that you have a color range in mind before you choose a mistint, and be open to all possibilities. For instance, you may love the color of your oops painted walls, but feel that your accessories now look out of place. Before you repaint the walls, consider changing the color of the accessories in your room (AHH! The wonders of a little spray paint). That change might be all you need to love your newly painted walls. And with freshly painted accessories, you'll feel like you had an entire room make-over for under twenty dollars.