Everybody's Doing It

>As I've made my visits around blogland, I've noticed that making your own chalkboard is quite a popular project. Not wanting to be left behind, I purchased a large piece of framed art. I cleaned it well and then covered the "painting" with newspaper. I painted the frame a pretty apple green. I've been wanting to use this color on a project since seeing it at the paint party. It really is a cheerful color.When the frame was dry I covered it. (Hint- Be sure there are no gaps where paint over-spray can sneak in and land on your freshly painted frame.)Next, I covered the painting with two coats of chalkboard paint. I let it dry for 24 hours then I rubbed the entire board with the side of a piece of chalk to break it in. I painted a stain on the frame. I like using these little stains that you can find in the craft store. They're water soluble and easy to work with. I worked in small sections at a time, making sure the stain gets into the details. Then I wiped off the excess. This gives the frame some character and the look of age. I want the piece to look like I picked it up at an expensive antique shop.All that was left was to hang it in a prominent place in my kitchen.My art had a brush stroke texture to it which means my chalkboard does too. I'm not sure if I love the textured look or not. That's something for you to consider if you're going to try this project.
And you should try it, because everybody's doing it!