>Isn't this a wonderful display? It's nicely balanced, and the repetition of the colors black, cream and apple green is pleasing to the eye.
EVERYTHING in this display (except the fresh flowers) came from the thrift store.
Very few things look like they did when they were purchased.
Of course, you've already guessed that a can of spray paint was involved in the transformation. The candle holders used to be a pastel blue and green.

Now take note of the crown. Crowns seem to be quite the trend in decorating right now.
QUESTION #1- What was this crown in it's former life?

Look as this sweet little cloche. A cloche is a great little item to have in a display. You can take something rather ordinary and make it extraordinary by placing it under a cloche.
QUESTION #2- What was this cloche in it's former life?

You have plenty of time to complete this quiz. We will discuss the answers on tomorrow's post. Good Luck!

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