A Favorite Combination

>You know of my love for spray paint in transforming almost anything, and you know how much fun I've had using burlap in several projects, so it wouldn't surprise you that I decided to combine the two in the transformation of my thrift store lamp.After spray painting the lamp with R's metallic brown, I started the shade makeover. I purchased some chocolate brown burlap and a package of seam binding. I cut off the old material leaving just the plastic liner. I laid out the burlap and sprayed the outside of the shade with spray adhesive. I matched up the finished edge of the burlap to the existing seam on the shade. Then I rolled the shade on top of the burlap, pressing on the inside of the shade as I rolled.I trimmed the excess material from the top and bottom of the shade. I trimmed the opposite end of the fabric, pulled back the finished edge and tucked the raw edge under to make a nice, clean seam.
Using a clear tacky glue, I adhered the seam binding to the top and bottom of the shade.
The lamp transformation is complete. A freshly painted lamp base combined with a newly covered burlap shade. A favorite combination! And a great price! Did you know that the big box red dot store sells burlap shades for twenty dollars? I paid less than ten dollars for the lamp, shade, and makeover materials. Linked to Tales From Bloggeritaville and A Soft Place To Land