The Tour Continues

>The tour of the my daughter and son-in-law's apartment continues.To the right of the dining area is the kitchen. The metal cabinets were freshened up with a coat of bright white. A mirror was hung above the sink to make doing the dishes a bit more pleasurable. The mirror reflects the light and a pretty view too.
I found this vase at the thrift store.
It's a pretty way to store cooking utensils.
The little white cupboard was another freebie.
The bottom half is great for storage and the top shows off a few more accessories.

The bathroom is divided into two rooms. The first room houses the sink and mirror. Mirrors were hung on the door and in rows
on the wall across from the large mirror. They work great for seeing the back of your hairdo as well as brightening up the small space.
Here's another vase I found thrifting. It's hung just inside the door, above the sink.
Doesn't everyone enjoy seeing a pretty bouquet of flowers first thing in the morning while getting ready for the day?
Little lovelies adorn the counter.
Small apothecary jars filled with cotton balls and swabs.
hese beautiful accessories hang in a spot behind the door in the room with the tub and potty. You might remember my tutorial on how to make the knob hanger that's hanging below the picture. Originally it was made for hanging jewelry, but it will do a fabulous job as a towel holder. We decided to make something bigger and better for hanging her ever growing jewelry collection. I'll show you that project, as well as the two bedrooms, next time.