A Sign of Fall

>I felt the urge to add to my fall decorations. I wanted a little sign that spelled FALL. I decided to take an old idea of mine and tweak it a bit. Please forgive the idea rerun. But, if you're like I am, you probably need to see something a few times before you decide to jump in and craft it. So here's your second chance!

First, I found a piece of scrap wood. If you don't have a garage full like I do, then the best place to look is in the big home improvement stores. Go to the back of the store where they cut wood for customers. Oftentimes,
they have scrap pieces of wood for really cheap.
They'll even cut it down to size for free.

Or if there is building or remodeling in your neighbor,
ask the builders if you can have a scrap or two.
Next, I printed out the word to fit my wood.
I placed the printed word under the canvas/duck type fabric and copied over it using a paint marker.
To make it easier to see through,
I placed it on my light box,
but you could use a window.
Then I cut the piece of fabric to size
and frayed the edges.
I painted my wood block.
I used a spray paint color called Honey.
When the paint was dry,
I sanded and stained the edges.
You may even choose to adhere a cute piece of scrapbook paper to the front side
(as I did the first time).
Next, I attached the fabric to the wood
using upholstery tacks.
Then I embellished my sign with ribbon and a metal leaf.And there you have another sign that fall is here!