A Drawer Full and a Heap Too


It's the middle of January which means it's time for a winter inversion where I live. The skies are gray, the sun is covered by smog and the snow is old and crusty. This kind of weather can really get you down. So to help cure the mid-winter blues (or should it be mid-winter grays?) I picked up this little plant on my last trip to the grocery store. It's so cute and petite and is the perfect reminder that spring will soon be here.Instead of just plopping it in a pot, I dug out these little wooden boxes that I found at the thrift store a while back. I pulled out some old architectural pieces too. I gave them all a fresh coat of black paint (I know! I'm becoming very predictable!) After sanding everything, I added some wooden knobs so the boxes looked more like little drawers. Now the plant has a cute place to live as it sits in my kitchen window waiting for spring to arrive. (picture could not be taken of plant in windowsill due to the glare from the smog and snow)

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