TA DA DA DAaaAaa!!!


I've been doing some changing and rearranging.
I moved the old cedar chest
from in front of the couch to behind.
That way it hides the cord mess and
helps protect the couch from the sun
that streams through the windows.
Moving the chest also makes room for
my newest project.
I added a bit of aging with stain
to honor the pieces that make up this project.
Both the door and the balusters are
over one hundred years old.
In my opinion, it's the bumps and scrapes
that you get in life that give you true character.
So, as a reminder,
I like to highlight those in my furniture pieces.
It's also in the small details where true beauty is found.I think this one is a real beauty.Many of you want to know where I find my old doors.
I find them at thrift stores, on the roadside, and
at businesses that sell new doors
and haul off the old ones.

I want to give a special thanks to Sandy for this award:

and Wendy for this one:

Have a delightful weekend everyone!