Putting This Tour To Bed

>I really appreciate your kind comments about the tour. My daughter is thrilled that you've enjoyed the apartment. But before we end, I must say a few special Thank Yous. First to my daughter and son-in-law for letting me show off their home. Also I must thank their good friend Ashlee (I made her the monogram M). Ashlee painted with me, drove me around and, most importantly, kept me sane while we painted practically the entire apartment in only two days. And a thank you to her sweet hubby for all of his help too!

Next on the tour is the second bedroom. It's being used as an office/guest room/bike storage. Their last apartment was only a one bedroom, so they are really enjoying this extra space.

Remember I told you that my darling daughter picked up some shutter doors for free. We also found an old door.
Both came in handy when decorating the master bedroom. The headboard is a pair of shutter doors hung vertically right onto the wall. The nightstands were found on Craigslist. She also picked up these brass lamps for free. They look great with a couple of coats of metallic spray paint and a new shade. They had the tall chest of drawers and the previous tenants left a low dresser for them. Amazingly all of the wood tones in the bedroom furniture are very similar.Leaning in the corner is the old door that's been turned into a practical and pretty jewelry storage solution.
Remember the mirror above the kitchen sink? We bought a large mirror at the home improvement store (in the glass aisle) and asked them to cut it in half. One half was hung above the sink and the other half was hung onto the old door.
We also purchased several door stops. We removed the plastic end of the stop and screwed them into the door for holding necklaces and bracelets. We added shelf brackets and a shelf below the mirror. The jewelry frame hangs below the shelf. Isn't it wonderful that everything my daughter needs for accessorizing is now one gorgeous accessory itself?