>John Lennon once said,

"Life is what happens to you

when you are busy

making other plans."

That pretty much sums up my life at this time. Even though I have an abundance of plans for projects and make-overs, there are many more important things happening right now. My husband's brother-in-law just passed away yesterday after a hard fight with cancer. We are celebrating his life while grieving with those he left behind.

We are also gathering around the bedside of my mother-in-law to express our love and bid her a farewell from this earthly existence. It is a difficult time for our family but we have peace knowing that life does not end. We know that our loved ones will be in a better place, surrounded by those who have gone before.

So please forgive me as I attend to "real life." In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the giveaways I have already planned (this is the last day to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway) and that you'll be patient with only an occasional post.

(edited to add: My mother-in-law passed away this evening, Monday, August 15th, 2011. She was devoted to her family and left behind a legacy to be proud of. She will be greatly missed.)