Hooray for Me!


Hooray for me!
I won Dave Ramsey's book
that Christian gave away at her blog.

Thanks again Christian!
I also received a cute tag from JuJu.
Isn't it wonderful? She created it herself.

Now, you all know how weird I can be about tags and awards. But, I thought this one would be great for EVERYONE to do. So I'm passing this along to everyone who is willing to try. I think it is hard for women to compliment themselves. Well, I suppose some women find it easy, but I'm not one of them.
So here it goes:
1-I love that I'm able to make people smile and laugh.
2-I love that I know how to do a little bit of a lot of things (painting, gardening, decorating, designing, building, crafting, thrifting, etc.)
3-I love that I can find beauty in almost anything.
Now it's your turn! What do you love about yourself?

Oh before you go, Kasey and Blessed Mama gave me this:

I'm supposed to list 6 things I love. I thought it would be fun to show you six things around my house that I love. But before I do, please know that I have my priorities straight. First and foremost, I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I love my husband and my family. I love my friends, in real life and blog world.
Now on to the materialistic things that I love.
I love chocolate!
What girl doesn't?
My favorite candy bar is Snickers Almond.
I love picture frames.
I'm not sure if it's because they're made from wood,
Or if it's just the beauty in the simplicity.
I love a good quote!
When I was a teenager, I spent a summer
handwriting a book of my favorite quotes.
Now I just clip them on a rack in my bathroom.
I LOVE blogging!!!
I cannot express to you the MANY ways
blogging has blessed my life.
Please know, though, that if you have ever
left me a comment or even just lurked
on my blog, I count you as a blessing!!!
I love decorating magazines, catalogs,
blogs, websites, t.v. shows, etc.I love being able to take someone's trash
and make it into a treasure.Did you notice that those last two photos
were actually sneak peeks of my week long project?
I'll show you the final reveal tomorrow.
(Now I just need to clean the paint off my kitchen floor)