A Light Touch

>I love the look of double lamps. However, one lamp can cost as much as I spend on a week's worth of groceries. To buy a twin lamp would mean my family would be without food for half the month, which isn't a pretty sight when you have growing young men in your house.
The only answer is to hunt for twin lamps at thrift stores. And while I'm hunting for lamps, I keep my eye out for twin lampshades too. If you're a seasoned thrift shopper, you know that when you're looking for something so specific, it takes time and patience. But it can be done! Here's the proof.
Remember to look past the obvious and look at the potential. You know by now that a little spray paint can work wonders, so notice the shape, not the color. Also when buying lamps, it's good to look at the wiring. Lamps can be re-wired if they're old, but it adds to the cost. Fortunately, the blues ones were brand new, with the tags still attached, and the pine ones were next to new.

With a little spray paint they look like this.Add the shades, one set purchased at the thrift store and the other set on clearance, and I have two sets of lamps for about twenty-five dollars.Where did I put them?
One set went in the dining room,
because I moved those lamps to the family room.
After building the new sofa table,
I had enough room for two lamps.
I moved the old sofa table to the stair landing.The other set of lamps will be finding a home soon.