Flower Power

>Did you expect to see a fully finished bathroom project? Yeah, so did I. Isn't it funny how life can get in the way of your plans? Well, one day I hope to finish the downstairs bathroom. I know it won't happen for a while. But that's okay. In the meantime, I still have things to share.
This week I'm in charge of a pot luck salad and dessert supper for the women of my church. I want the evening to be lighthearted and fun. With that goal in mind, I chose to make colorful, over-sized, whimsical centerpieces.
It seems that tissue paper flowers are all the rage now so I used that idea as my inspiration.
First I folded kraft paper and rounded the ends to make a flower template.
Then I folded the tissue paper the same way, in half, then in half, then edge to edge. I placed my template on top and cut out several layers of tissue.Dowels were glued into simple wood bases and both were painted bright green.I cut leaf shapes out of the tissue paper and applied them with hot glue.Then I stacked several layers of tissue flowers, cut a hole in the center, threaded them onto the dowel and hot glued them into place. I added a wooden circle covered with tissue paper as the center of the flower. I crunched up the tissue a bit to "poof" up the flower and give it dimension. One down, nine more to finish!