Let Your Fingers Do The Pushing

>I recently had the opportunity to help a sweet woman redesign the look of her living room. When we first met we discussed her concerns and desires. One concern was the room arrangement. I told her that I had some ideas and that it would be best if we measured everything first and then I would get back to her. We carefully measured the room as well as each of the larger pieces of furniture.
At home I took out my trusty graph paper and measured one square for each six inches of furniture and room footage.
After cutting out the diagrams of the major pieces of furniture I began to arrange the room. It was fun---like playing house! It was much more fun moving items on paper than it would have been to move large furniture pieces in a small room.There are several computer sites that offer room arranging programs too but I find it very rewarding doing it the old fashion way. I came up with four different room designs. When we met again she picked the design she liked best and we were able to quickly move the furniture into an arrangement she had never tried in the several years she had lived there. She was thrilled with the new look and I was happy that I had let my fingers do the pushing instead of my back.

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