Under Five Bucks & Under Five Minutes!

>I went to "Wallyworld" the other day. It's not a store that I frequent, but it was close and it sells spray paint. I found myself inspired while walking down the craft aisle. I thought you might enjoy a craft that's quick and easy. And since everyone has access to the "mart", it's something you can buy and make this weekend.

I purchased a small wood plaque for .97 cents
and a wood letter for $1.88.
I spray painted both items black,
but you could paint them any color of your choice.
When the paint was dry I applied some scrapbook paper to the plaque. I did this by cutting the paper a little larger than the plaque, spraying it with adhesive and then placing it on the wood. Then I took course sand paper and rubbed it around the edges of the plaque. The sand paper cuts the scrapbook paper and gives it a nice clean edge.
I chose to brush a little brown paint on the edges of the scrapbook paper and to sand the edges of the letter and plaque to give them a more aged look. All that was left was to use hot glue to adhere the letter to the plaque.
I love my newest craft project!
I'm thinking of doing some more using bright paints and papers for a whole new look. If you decide to make one of these, I'd love to see it.
Happy crafting!