You'll Fall For This One


Hey Kids! It's Craft Time!
(When I say "kids" I really mean you grownups
who enjoy crafting so much that it makes you feel like a kid)

You'll need the following supplies:

*Silk Fall leaves
*Styrofoam balls
or blocks
*Hot glue gun

If you're cheap like I am, you buy all your supplies at the dollar store.
However, my dollar store doesn't sell styrofoam balls. (The foam balls at the craft store cost more than a dollar.) So I bought big styrofoam blocks and used a sharp knife to cut off the corners and round the edges. Then I rolled the styrofoam on a hard surface to help shape it into a ball form. It doesn't have to be a perfectly shaped ball.Next I used my hot glue gun to glue on the leaves, making sure to overlap them so that all of the foam was covered. I cut some of the leaves into smaller pieces to help fill in and cover. It's good to have a bowl of cold water close by, just in case your fingers touch the hot glue.

And as easy as that, I made two leaf balls!
Total cost---about 3 dollars
$2 for 2 styrofoam blocks
$1 for package of leaves
(I actually used less than one package)
Plus the cost of glue sticks

What will I do with them?

I could sit them in vases.Or how about on the top of candle holders.Or I just might make a few more
and fill a pretty bowl with them.

There are so many possibilities!