Neglected No More

>Several months ago, I found a pretty little desk at the thrift store. I didn't really need a desk, but the price was right, so the desk came home with me. I stuck it in an empty corner of the family room. It needed to be painted. It was chipped and dinged and a young artist had carved a pie chart into it. At the time I was going through my "paint everything satin black" phase. But I wasn't sure I wanted it black. And so it sat, week after week on my to do list. Then, after building my door desk, I began to think about that neglected desk. It actually looked quite nice in the corner. But if that were going to be it's permanent home, it needed a makeover that would command attention against the red wall. It need a color that would compliment it's feminine design. I took the desk outside and sanded the top to remove the pie chart. Then I used liquid sander on the rest of the piece. I primed it and gave it two good coats of Heirloom White paint. And for good measure, I gave the top a third coat. Once it was dry, I used sand paper and fine steel wool to distress it. It still needs some hardware. But until I can find something that I love, ribbon handles will work just fine.My little desk is no longer neglected.I think it's the perfect little compliment to this piece of furniture that shares it's space.