Pretty Pumpkins

>I have been having so much fun making pretty little fabric pumpkins to give as gifts. They're so easy and yet so cute!First use a plate or anything circular to make a pattern on light weight fabric.Cut the circle and sew a running stitch around the edge.Stuff with a layer of beans and then fiberfill (or use all beans or rice, or all fiberfill). Pull the thread to close the opening and make a few more stitches to keep it closed.Hot glue on a real stem from a pumpkin or squash and that's it!I added a few hand-stamped tags to give to friends and neighbors with the idea that they could gather their family and pass the pumpkin while sharing the things they are grateful for.These sweet little pumpkins were so fun to make that I couldn't help but make a bunch in all different colors and sizes just for me.