Silver Where?

>As I ran my errands on Saturday I tucked in and pulled out my silver
olive-fork-handle key fob in and out of my pocket.
Each time it made me smile to think of it's uniqueness.
It also made me think of all of the silverware projects I've done. I hope you don't mind that I took a little time to compile them all into one post just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Using the same technique as the key fob, a spoon with
the initial J was turned into a necklace pendant.
I took a small collection, given to me as a gift,
and with an inexpensive tray, scrapbook paper and hot glue,
it became a pretty little display.
It looks even better tucked inside an apothecary jar
sitting along with the collection of silverware from my in-laws.
I used a spoon to embellish a treat tray.My hubby helped me bend forks to use as small easels. Years ago, I framed a small fork to hang over
our bent fork coat hanger
that was made by our niece and her husband.
I've even hung spoons from our dining room chandelier using copper wire. It may be a little odd, and be the start of a few conversations
("Why do you have spoons hanging from your light?"), but
why not accent with the things you love!
So there it is---
a collection of projects
made from a collection of silverware!