Don't Judge an Object by It's Color


Some people see the obvious,
while others see the potential.
Let's do a test.
What do you see in this picture?
Do you see a lovely apothecary jar, filled with flowering bulbs, surrounded by two hideous objects that look like they were once decorations in a cheap Las Vegas hotel? (I wonder how many weirdo's are going to search my blog because of those last four words?)
Or do you see two beautifully aged garden finials standing next to a nice vase filled with blooming tulips?
I saw the latter.
All it took was a little gray primer spray paint, with
off-white craft paint dry brushed on top.
(Definition of "dry brushed": load a small amount of paint onto the brush. Brush the excess paint off onto a paper towel until there is just a little paint remaining in the brush. With a light hand, apply paint onto the object)

Now do you see those
beautifully aged garden finials too?