A Full Platter


It's no secret that I am a collector.
One of the many things that I gather from thrift stores in abundance are ironstone and vintage dishes. I have stacks of them in our china cabinet and kitchen. Many are oozing with character
from their lives of service.
Chips, cracks, crazing, and stains are the very things that draw me to these delightful objects of practicality.
Recently I was redoing the plate rack in our kitchen, a spot that changes several times during the year. It will often display dishes in beautiful colors that I'm wanting to subtly incorporate in the kitchen.
It's a favorite spot to show off holiday plates.
Perhaps my favorite is the numerical dish display made with
dollar store plates and vinyl decals.
Being in a mood for a fresh and new exhibit, I pulled out
a few vintage platters and stacked in as many as possible.
I was thrilled with the display, but it did seem to need
an extra layer, right there in the middle.
Being one without a fancy vinyl cutting machine, I used the resources I have available. I printed off the letter A from my computer in a fancy font. (If this seems familiar, it's because I used the same technique here)

With a little cutting and gluing
the vintage platter exhibit
is complete.
And I am giddy with glee!

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