Batik from Madura Island, Indonesia

>Batik from Madura Island, Indonesia handicraftsOrdinary people in various corners of the ground water during this more familiar with the island Madurese as production centers Indonesia's largest salt. In addition, People are also familiar with the Madurese because of the delicacy of chicken satay, satay kambing or mutton soup that many sold by the Madurese community in the area

Whereas, in addition to salt and satenya, Madura island also has long been known
as local batik production centers. In fact, the community is so strong Madura Island
held tradition of batik and wearing clothing / batik cloth. No half-hearted, called the existing batik cloth Madura dibenak any society is the fabric original batik, batik cloth ie. Their relative do not know batik cloth or a known as batik printing as many communities in land use on water generally.

The tradition of batik cloth embedded strong enough among the people of Madura
has made culture and wearing batik batik cloth well preserved among them. Even when not batik as popular as today, society Madura still produce and put on batik clothes, because batik is part customs and culture of their day-to-day. Today when batik cloth was so popular and popular in the community, the craftsmen and entrepreneurs Madura Island batik more excited in the memprodusi batik cloth.

Batik Indonesia Madura Island itself has since long been known for several batik centers.
For example in Pamekasan District, since the first lot of batik artisans and entrepreneurs and develop business bermukin batik in the region. Until now District
Pamekasan known as one of the centers Batik handicraft industry on the island of Madura. Because, compared with other districts, kabupten on the island of Madura, this Pamekasan District the most populated of the craftsmen and batik entrepreneurs.

According to one entrepreneur batik from District Pamekasan, Moh. Monir, batik industry in the District Pamekasan already developed long before the colonizers
from Europe over the island of Madura. Industry batik on Madura Island has developed as a stand kerajaankerajaan in different parts of the island.

Batik from various indonesia regionMoh. Monir himself who now has business batik industry 'Pineapple Indah Batik'
admitted batik business inherited from the His parents, while his parents inherit
from his grandfather. Likewise, the grandfather Monir who inherited the business from the batik his great-grandfather. So it went on, business batik, which is derived from one generation to the next generation.

Most of the batik business on the island of Madura is generally developed by the family of crafters or batik entrepreneurs who have efforts to cultivate generations
these craft. Therefore, not surprising that the tradition batik can still survive
and well maintained in Madurese community.

Moh. Monir who began taking over the management of handicraft business batik from their parents in the year 1992, seeks to develop business by marketing products to various major cities in ground water, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta and lainlain. Via participation in various exhibitions in kotakota Monir is trying
textile market advantage and domestic garment now began menggandrungi batik.

As a craftsman and businessman batik, all family members Moh. Monir usually directly involved in activities batik industry everyday. Monir wife generally handle the design and manufacture coloring, while Monir itself more a lot of marketing, including the it followed various exhibitions in various cities in the country.

With the assistance of 37 employees, batik business 'Pineapple Indah Batik' property
Moh family. Monir each month can producing 400 pieces of batik cloth. Of The average production of 400 pieces of batik cloth per month, 50 pieces including a high-quality batik cloth with a target middle segment of the market upward. While 350 other pieces of batik cloth is batik cloth for the middle market segment below.

Usually Moh. Monir sells batik cloth quality (for the middle market segment above) at a price of Rp 300,000 per piece up to Rp 2 million per piece. Meanwhile, for ordinary batik cloth (for the market segment lower middle income) Moh. Monir sell prices vary from USD 75,000 per piece up to Rp 150,000 per pcs.

Handicrafts Batik from various island IndonesiaAccording Monir, Madura batik cloth can be easily distinguished by kainkain batik from other regions. Therefore, Madura batik cloth (especially batik Pamekasan) has a motif characteristic of in which there is always a color element white. One of the Madurese batik motif who had many lovers known to the public motif batik cloth was Milo who is Madura typical pattern with a mix of colors between young and old brown and black.

In line with the growing popularity the use of batik cloth in the adult this, the Madurese batik cloth are now also being experience 'rising'. Order it batik cloth from consumers continues to flow along with the continued increase in consumer awareness of the origin of batik cloth. It was seen by the increasing number of
consumers who prefer cloth batik although the price is relatively more expensive.

Consumer society, or batik lovers out Madura Island now have come to know batik
Madura. They began to hunt various types of batik cloth from Madura because Madurese batik cloth was different from batik cloth from Java Island as well as from regional
others in the homeland. Especially if compared with batik cloth printing or patterned textile fabric batik, the quality of the original batik from Madura much better.

"Madurese batik fabrics generally stronger and more resistant wash. Often washed it more clearly and the better the color looks like. While batik printing more often washed fading color, "said Monir an end conversation with magazine Quinine.