>Well son #3 is off to learn Mandarin Chinese and to grow and to serve. I am thrilled for him! But it's been hard to have to a quieter house and leftovers in the fridge. It's very difficult for this momma to adjust when her babies leave the nest. There is always an empty spot in my heart and my home. We sat down for Sunday dinner in the dining room with one more empty chair.Speaking of my dining room, I don't think that I've ever shared many details about the furniture there. The table was our first and only purchase from an antique store. I love the details of this 100+ year old beauty! Each end has leaves that pull out and up to extend the length. It's distressed and creaky and charming.
It has taken it's fair share of abuse from our family from meals to toys to school projects. We have made many memories while gathered around it. I often think about the stories it could tell of it's previous life with other families.
I inherited these gorgeous chairs from my grandmother.
I adore their detailed craftsmanship. And I love having something from a past generation as an important detail of our home. We originally started with six chairs but are down to five with many of them having been rebuilt and repaired. Even though they are heirlooms we use them and enjoy them and love them.

A few months back I stumbled upon
two tufted beauties at the thrift store.
I was smitten the moment I saw them! They now sit at each end of our table and are often called into service in our living room when we have guests and need additional seating. I am delighted by the way they soften the dining area and bring in a bit of a feminine element to an otherwise more heavy and masculine space. Opposites do attract!