The Gedog Puppet (Wayang Gedog)


The Gedog Puppet
Puppet Gedog is not a puppets who tells the story of the Ramayana or Mahabharata, but take a core story or the story of Raden Panji Panji stories. In Puppet, the kingdoms of the background characters, among others Jenggala, Singasari, and Kediri or Daha.

Technically puppetry, Gedog puppet more complicated than the puppets purwa. Mastermind puppet Gedog must master the Gending-gending  used for accompaniment performances. But there are also differences between the puppet purwa with puppets Gedog, among others :
  • In Purwa Puppet show, on the first, beginning with the emergence parekan, the King, and figures to the king. While the Puppet Gedog, which appears first is the governor and the retainer, then King picked up by Nyi Menggung figures. The governor accompanied by a retainer and got into Sitihinggil followed ampil-ampil that brings completeness ceremony, only then the King came out.
  • The scene Bancak Doyok in the puppet Gedog,  equivalent to the scene of the puppet Purwa. However in the puppet gedog,  scene Doyok Bancak, used pathet manyura pelog accompaniment, which is the transition from pelog pathet nem (midnight) to pelog pathet goods (early days).

Puppets Gedog form, very similar to the Puppets Purwa. Forms Sumping, dodot, hands and feet the same, just different shapes and tatahannya snugging. Some figures Gedog Puppets (Puppet Gedog) wear-irahan Irah Leather (headgear) tekes form, and shape rapekan fabrics  or dodot , figures such as Panji Inukertapati. While the character's daughter, her hair loose.

According to the fibers that create Puppets Gedog Centini is Sunan Queen Tunggul, the era of the Kingdom of Demak, with candra sengkala: Gaman Dragon Udipatya ing. This figure represents the Saka year 1485. The story about the journey of life Damarwulan included in the Puppets Gedog by Sunan Bonang in the year 1488 Saka. But unfortunately, in the development of the Puppets Gedog, less get public welcome  than puppet lovers.
Then during the reign of Paku Buwana IV (1788-1820) made several devices Puppets Purwa and also Puppets Gedog. The tool Puppet  Gedog is named Kyai Dewakatong. It also prepared nickname for Puppet Gedog, whose scope is taken from the Book of Baratayuda. For the purposes of accompaniment of gamelan musicians also made a special device to accompany performances Puppet Gedog, named Kyai Jayengkaton. Puppet show Gedog in those days, carried out among others in the wedding ceremony son or relative of the king, that on the night Midodareni. Also on selapanan wedding ceremony.

In the reign of Sunan Paku Buwana X (1893 - 1839), Gedog Puppet performances are no longer just the wedding ceremony, also at night tuguran, both when the king went out of town for several days, and the ceremony wiyosan (the birthday of the king). Puppet puppeteer Gedog courtiers in the time it is Madyacarita and Ki Ki Hawicarita. 

In 1964, the Conservatory Karawitan Surakarta, Puppet Gedog began digging again this, and at the show with Jatipitutur play. Puppeteer when that's Ki Jagapradangga. This is the first time Puppet Gedog at the show outside the palace.

Then starting in 1974, Puppet Gedog as one study at the Academy of Art Karawitan Indonesia (ASKI) Surakarta. Since then Puppet Gedog start again rather frequently staged.

Also Puppet Gedog also developed in the Central Java Cultural Center. In 1970, this agency twice a week working on the play Srenggi Nimpuna, with puppeteer Ki Madya Pradangga. And in 1994, Pura Pakualam in Yogyakarta also staged puppet Gedog that, within the framework of the Festival Palace II.