Gong is the musical accompaniment gamelan, made of brass metal in a large size, Gong played with beated, with using wood or a special tool made for it. Gong also is a well known percussion instruments in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Gong is used for accompanist of traditional musical instruments.
Gong which has been forged can not be determined tone. Newly formed after the gong be regulated the tone. If the tone is still not fit, the layer of  bronze made becomes thinner again. In South Korea also called "Kwaenggwari". But kkwaenggwari is in a way using the fifth of finger and is played with being beaten a short stick. How to hold kkwaenggwari using five fingers turned out to have a special usefulness, because one finger (index finger) can be used to dampen vibration of gongs and tinkling reduce the volume produced.