His Favorite

>It all began with a piece of slate that was destined for the garbage dump. I found it in the corner of my in-laws storage room as we were de-cluttering and packing for my MIL's move to a smaller home. It was a piece left over from the entry floor of the house that had been their home for several years."Why do you want that?!?!" my hubby asked as I carted it to his truck (you would think that he would have learned by now that his wife has an eye for good junk).
He rolled his eyes as I gave him a list of reasons.
When we arrived home I hauled my newly acquired piece of slate into our home and plopped it on top of another junk find, an old sewing machine cabinet that hubby had picked at the thrift store. Amazingly the slate piece was the PERFECT size!
We cut and nailed molding to the top of the cabinet so the slate would rest inside. I painted it the same blue-gray as the slate.It's now my husband's night stand and his favorite piece of furniture. It's a beautiful reminder of the family memories made in the home of his youth.