How Does Your Tree Stand?


The kitchen tree stands proudly in an old crock.It's decorated with fake gingerbread cookies,
cookie cutters,
glass candy ornaments
and vintage pieces from a child's kitchen set.
The tree in our stairwell sits in a burlap sack
with it's red ornaments and red bead garland.
The tree in my daughter's/guest room
stands a top a pretty plant stand.
It's decorated with all things girly and pastel.The orphan tree in the bathroom window
sits humbly in an old tin can.
The family room tree is in a rusty metal garden urn. It's decorated with ornaments
made or
given to us by family and friends,
as well as the cute toy kind.
The tree in the computer room has been
plopped in a big basket.
It's decorated with stuffed Christmas bears,
felt stockings & mittens and red wooden bead garland.
The living room tree, the largest in our home,
stands on a stilt-like box.
This helps it look taller and
also serves another purpose.
BUT. . . .
you'll have to come back tomorrow to see.