Kethuk Kempyang, Kemanak, Gong Kempul And Keprak


Kethuk Kempyang

Two kinds of gong instruments with horizontal position superimposed on the tensed rope on wood frame. Kethuk - kempyang give accents flow gendhing songs into short. In the play  style at quick launch, Sampak, srepegan, and sifter sifter, kethuk played between beats beats balungan, produce patterns that rapidly intertwine.


The instrument is shaped like a banana, is regarded as ancient instruments. Kemanak played in the ensemble to accompany some kind of dance Bedhaya, Serimpi and Santiswaran.

Gong Kempul
Gong hanging small size. Kempul mark accents in the text gendhing song. In conjunction with the song gendhing, kempul can play the same tone with the tone balungan; kempul sometimes precede the next balungan tone, sometimes he plays a tone that make up the interval with a tone balungan kempyung, to affirm a sense of pathet.


Keprak is a tool made of bronze or iron with a size of approximately 20 x 27 cm, consisted of several plates, given the holes in the top and a rope, hanging on the puppet box with the order, such that if the beaten will produce sound effects "Prak-Prak". 

In the leather puppet purwa Surakarta style, keprak comprise at least 3 pieces, there are 4 pieces and 5 pieces. As for the Yogyakarta style keprak pakeliran 'prototype consists of only one iron plate are based on  with keprak sized wood, hit with a iron's cempala, by flops at the foot of a puppeteer who created the sound effects "ting-ting".

In order to produce a good sound keprak a puppeteer must know the techniques to set and techniques played keprak keprak so sounds good. Keprak in pakeliran 'prototype is usually to accompany the puppet movement and for the solidified solah (motion) puppet. Puppeteer of shadow play gagrak Surakarta currently prefer keprak made several sheets of white iron in combination with bronze keprak several pieces, which in believed to have more high-pitched sound effects.