Puppet Gung (Wayang Gung)


Photo Events Performance, Arts of Puppet Gung in Kalimantan.
Puppet Gung is a kind the performing arts  of puppet people. The show was picked up the story from the Ramayana version Banjar grip. Puppet is played with vocal processing and added basic of dance players. Not only that, players accompanied by gamelan music, and dramatic elements of dance to the accompaniment kating additional sound like a "Ketopong" that makes it more distinctive. The players makeup as appropriate figure in the story of Ramayana.

According to experts, puppet Gung Banjar, Zulfansyah Bondan, this art in the era of 1960 - the 1970 gets good response from the younger generation at the time, but in the last three decades to around 2000s this art into decline and was almost extinct. Nearly extinct? Yes, said nearly extinct because of this art has rarely played. One of the oldest arts in South Kalimantan is now just waiting for extinction just because players groups are  this art, is not much more.
First, art is often played during traditional events and social activities such as performing arts Mawlid Prophet, saprah charity, vows celebration the rice harvest. But now already rarely played. Luckily there is one art studio which still exist despite insidential play this art. Bastari Ading art studio, Barikin (HST), which led AW Syarbaini is what makes this art still survive, even in conditions that are not possible.

Puppet gong is played all night, as well as banjo shadow puppet . Each story or characters is usually accompanied by "tembang" (singing)  by sinden. Now order not to be left by the audience, the game is shortened to about 3-4 hours. In Puppet Gung, about 10 people who play traditional musical instruments, which consist of baboons, large and small gongs, big and small Sarun, kenong and five tools.

At the start the show, first performed "Mamucukani", the three masterminds of opening performances to convey what the story will be played. The withdrawal such as soap operas on television, from the major players to supporting players delivered in advance to the audience.

Currently only an art that plays Ading Bastari puppet artistry of this gung, because now there is almost no other art galleries anymore that play is one of the oldest arts. If anything, only done by "bon". This means that the players drawn from various regional arts groups with cabutan system. For example, taking players from Hulu district of South River, Upper Middle River, Upper North River and District Tapin.

Seeing the alarming situation like this, there should be an effort to preserve this culture.

In the short term, could by doing a systematic education and training of young generation with prominent speakers that still exist today. Creating art development project as an advanced program of education and also create a special container in the form of art hall in each town or district in South Kalimantan.

In the long run can be done by designing new packaging art exhibition of puppet gong in this case can be done by growing and developing of a puppet gung training for children and adolescents.

Well now fate local arts there are in the hands of our of young people. Does art enthusiasts will lose and disappear from the surface, or the arts will come back victorious with early prevention.

Cultural large are reflect of, civilization of large society too.